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Nitrogen (N2) Oxygen-free 10 litre/230 bar gas cylinder

Product Code: R44-SMALL

Gas price: £42.00

Deposit: £80.00

Deposit explanation

Nitrogen gas is extensively used throughout industry. Its main uses include purging, blanketing, laser cutting and even motorsports for filling tyres. Ryval Gas Nitrogen is industrial grade and oxygen free. Please note that industrial nitrogen is not suitable for food applications.

Our Nitrogen gas cylinders are completely RENT FREE.

Standard valve outlet - BS No.3 5/8" BSP RH INT Valve

Great for...
  • Purging as Nitrogen is effective at flushing away unwanted gases and vapours
  • Blanketing as Nitrogen is inert to virtually everything
  • Preventing product degradation as Nitrogen is inert
  • Plasma cutting and laser cutting
  • Inflating tyres as Nitrogen reduces internal degradation of rubber
But beware...
  • Nitrogen is an asphyxiant and toxic in high concentrations, it must be used in well-ventilated areas
  • Not for food applications
  • Check detail on the MSDS
Other info...
  • Approx. Dimension (cm) - 94 x 14
  • Approx. Gross Weight - 19 kg
  • Approx. Nominal Contents - 2.1 M3
  • Outlet valve - BS No.3: 5/8" BSP RH INT Valve
  • Shipping weight - 20kg




Safety Data Sheets

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