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Save on Welding Gas with our small, Low-Cost Gas Cylinders

You can get shielding gas from Ryval Gas in a lightweight cylinder that better fits your needs.

ryval 2 litre welding gas cylinder

A larger 10-litre gas cylinder is best suited for big businesses with a team of welders or panel beaters. But if you’re a local garage or hobby welder that only uses gas every so often, a 10-litre cylinder can get in the way and be wasteful. Especially if you have to pay for rent.

Free up space in your van or garage

Our portable 2-litre MIG Shield gas cylinders take up minimal space, but contain around 8 times the volume of a single disposable gas canister. They also contain the same high-quality shielding gas as our larger cylinders, which provides great results and high-strength welds.

Our 2-litre gas cylinders are easier to store, easier to use and they deliver almost an hour of weld time based on a 10-litre/minute continuous flow.

In addition to MIG shield gas, you can also order Argon and Oxygen gases in our lightweight 2-litre cylinder.

Philip Neale, an agricultural engineer from Southport, swapped his old cylinder for the small one. He said:

“It’s convenient to pick up and carry around and there’s no administration charge. Everything I do is at people’s premises and there’s only so much room on my van, so size is such a big issue. It’s easier for me to store too.”

Just 47cm tall…

Containing 2 litres of gas at 230 bar pressure, the 2-litre MIG Shield weighs just 5kg. As well as being a more suitable size, it’s also value for money.

More savings

All our gas cylinders are completely rent free. This means that once you’ve paid your deposit, you won’t have to pay any additional monthly rental charges on your cylinder.

Find out more about the MIG Shield 2-litre welding gas cylinder.